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Rhiannon-Breeze Harris - Self-Taught Baker and Food Blogger

Hi there, thank you for visiting my website! I am Rhiannon-Breeze, a self-taught (and always learning) baker from Cambridge. Originally growing up in the outskirts of East London, then moving to Cambridge to go to university, I have almost always followed my sweet tooth into local bakeries and ice cream shops. From baking with my nan and my older brother as a child, Cambridge is where I explored my passion for baking even more. Eventually, after baking for friends and family, I realised it is something I truly love to do. My supportive boyfriend, who gave me the nickname 'Zen' at the beginning of our relationship, urged me to follow my dreams, so along came The Zen Bakery. All the hard work that goes into creating the delicious bakes always pays off when I see the joy from those who eat them, and I am hoping to spread this joy onto others! With an interest in plant-based and allergen-free baking, I try to make sure everyone is able to eat what I make without substituting flavour or texture. So get in touch! 


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